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Вариант № 2
Выполняется студентами, фамилии которых начинаются с букв М– Я.
2.1. Supply the correct form of the verbs.
1.Moshe Golberg (just leave)___ his office when he received a telephone call from Hans Lehman. “ I’m very worried”, Hans said. “We (not receive)____ that delivery of machine tools that we ordered from you last week. You know you (promise)____ that they would arrive today. But it’s already 5 p.m. What (happen)________?”
Moshe said he (not know)_____, but he would find out. He phoned the transport agents right away; an embarrassed clerk at the agents’ office explained what (happen) _______. The truck that (carry) the consignment of machine tools to Germany (have) an accident. Now the driver (wait)________ on the side of the road for the emergency services to arrive. “ It (take) _______ several hours to put the truck back on the road again’, the clerk warned.
Moshe Golberg sighed and and prepared to call Hans.

2.2. Write the verbs in brackets in the Passive Voice.
1.The power plant ____(to put) into operation last year.
2.Large companies may _____(to organize) into several large departments, sometimes even divisions.
3.Prices for export may ____ (to quote) in the buyer’s currency, the seller’s currency or in a third “hard” currency.
4.No special customs documentation ___ (to require) for trade between firms in different parts of the EU.
5.Workers have _____(to train) to operate many different machines.
6.Goods ______(to insure) in transit, through an insurance company or insurance brokers.
7.After a long discussion the agreement ___ ( to reach).

2.3.Translate the following sentences paying attention to the Complex Object
1. We know him to have graduated from the institute two years ago.
2. Everybody knows him to be writing a new book.
3. We know the cybernetics to be an important branch of modern technology.
4. We thought him to have taken part in their experiment.
5. Did you want them to discuss the terms of payment?
6. I expect you to be in the office earlier tomorrow to do some urgent work .
7. I’d like you to give me your contract forms.
8. She felt somebody look at her.
9. We heard him come in and close the door behind him.
10. Have you ever seen Ulanova dance?
11. Nobody noticed her leave the room.
12. I heard him mention my sister’s name.

2.4. Open the brackets using the Complex Object.
1. He ordered (чтобы они начали работу немедленно).
2. I’d like (чтобы он пришел как можно скорее).
3. I think (ваш менеджер даст вам инструкции по предстоящим переговорам).
4. We believe (что ты покажешь хорошие результаты).
5. I don’t think (что он хороший работник).
6. We want (чтобы товар был поставлен в мае).
7. They expect (что вы отправите отгрузочные документы).

2.5. Translate the following sentences paying attention to the Complex Subject.
1.He was said to know several foreign languages.
2.The Buyers are supposed to increase the order.
3.They are believed to be on their way to the office.
4.The lecture of Prof. Stanley was said to be very interesting.
5.The Director is likely to come soon.
6.He did not appear to be surprised at this news.
7.They are likely to take part in business trip to New York.
8.He seems to know everything on this subject.
9.They were expected to learn how to use the computer.
10.This product is thought to be the first of its kind in the market.
11.His report proved to be the best at the conference.
12.These two scientists happened to work at the same problem.

2.6.Change the following sentences using the Complex Subject.
1. It was supposed that the partners to know the terms of the delivery.
1.It is understood that the commission will soon come to a decision.
2.It was expected that the conference would take place in May.
3.It seems that this book is very popular with specialists.

Additional information

4.It happened that he was at home at that time.
5.It is not likely that they will return soon.
6.It is said that the company is loosing a lot of money.

2.7. Translate the following text into Russian.
Under Russian legislation, legal entities may take a number of legal and organizational forms, including the state enterprise, municipal enterprise (founded by the local Council of Deputies), individual or family enterprise (owned by one or more members of the same family), full partnership, mixed partnership, limited liability partnership, closed joint stock company and open joint stock company.
Open Joint Stock Companies
Under the large-scale privatization program, Russian enterprises are converting to open joint stock companies. Open joint stock companies are similar in concept to Western publicly traded companies. Shareholders are responsible for the obligations of the company within the limits of their investment. Despite the similarities to Western com-panies, however, investors should bear in mind that the standard char¬ters of open joint stock companies may provide limited control over the contributions of minority shareholders.
The main features of open joint stock companies are the following:
•While open joint stock companies are governed by their charters
they are also subject to legislation. A standard charter has been
issued to guide enterprises in designing their own charter.
•Shareholders have limited liability.
•Shareholders govern the company through shareholders´ meet¬ings, which are held at least once a year. Among other activities at the shareholders´ meetings, shareholders elect the board of di¬rectors to act on their behalf between meetings.
The board of directors, which is headed by the general director, ap-points the board of management to carry out day-to-day management of the company.
Closed Joint Stock Companies
The following are the main differences between the open and the closed joint stock companies:
•Closed joint stock companies establish their own charter, allowing
participants to ensure that their interests in the company are bet¬ter protected;
•Shares in closed joint stock companies are tradable only with the
consent of other owners and in accordance with relevant articles
of the charter.
Limited Liability Company
Limited liability companies (also known as limited liability partner-ships) are not set apart in the law from closed joint stock companies. However, Russian authorities have recently begun to recognize limited companies as distinct corporate vehicles. The main differences emerg¬ing between limited liability and joint stock companies are the follow¬ing:
•Limited liability companies are not required to issue share capi¬tal;
•Limited liability companies need only establish two management
bodies, the board of directors and the board of management, and need not hold a shareholders´ meeting;
•Limited liability companies must have at least two founding parties.
Full Partnership
All participants in a full partnership have unlimited joint liability for the obligations of the enterprise.
Mixed Partnership
A mixed partnership includes full partners and investor partners. Full partners bear unlimited joint liability for the obligations of the partnership to the extent of their property. The liability of investor partners does not exceed their total investment in the property of the partnership..

2.8. Define whether the statement is true or false.
1.Municipal enterprise is a legal entity owned by one or more members of the same family.
2.Open joint stock companies are similar in concept to any Western companies.
3.Limited liability companies must have as much founding parties as possible.
4.The participants in a full partnership have unlimited joint lia


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